5 Amazing Google Search Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

In today’s day and age, we spend majority of our time online and more often than not Google plays an integral part of our day. From looking up on information about a particular topic to reading a movie review or even downloading our favorite sitcom, we’ve done it all via Google search. But, do you really feel like you’re using Google to its full potential? The answer is surely a ‘no’ because of the multitude of Google search tips and tricks that you had no clue about!
We came across some amazing hacks that will help increase your productivity and save time when it comes to deriving the best search result from your Google search queries.

Presenting to you a list of 5 Amazing Google Search Hack You Probably Didn’t Know:

1. Use Quotes “”

When you are looking for something specific in your search, make sure to use the double inverted commas to instruct Google to look for that very search phrase. If you search without the inverted commas, Google will look for every permutation and combination of those search words and throw out a lot of irrelevant searches. This tip specially comes in use when you know exactly what you are searching for.

For example:

Google search hacks tips and tricks

Oh hey, look what showed up! ☺


2. Use the asterisk wildcard

For all of us who are extremely forgetful, this is one of the most important Google hacks. You can use the asterisk symbol to instruct Google to leave a placeholder, to fill in a word that you may have forgotten. Google begins its search knowing that the asterisk could be any word. Works best when you’re trying to remember the lyrics of a song!

Check this out:

Google search hacks tips and tricks

Helpful, isn’t it?


3. Google Search for similar sites

Say you stumble upon an amazing site and love the kind of content it has. Now, you want to discover more such similar content on the web, but don’t know which other sites carry this content, here’s where Google’s next hack becomes really useful.

Using the following syntax will immediately show up sites that feature content similar to the one you are looking for:


Here’s an example:

Google search hacks tips and tricks

4. Exclude words

Sometime the word you are searching for might have another meaning, which could result in a lot of irrelevant search results showing up. Google helps you solve that problem by instructing it to negate the meaning of the word that is irrelevant to you.

See how this feature can be used:

Google search hacks tips and tricks


5. Flight status

Another really helpful tip to ease out your time spent on Google search is when you’re looking for the status of a flight. Instead of having to go to the airline’s site to check for the flight status, all you’ve got to do it type in the flight number on Google and it will show you the status.

For example:

Google search hacks tips and tricks

This is the same flight that Vijay Mallya took to escape from Delhi to London!


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