5 English Phrases Used Only In India

We Indians have an unusual knack of creating words and phrases that have absolutely no meaning when used internationally, neither are they grammatically correct. But who cares, as long as we understand each other, right?

Here’s a list of 5 English Phrases Used Only In India that we must stop using right away!

1. Cousin Sister/Cousin Brother 

Grammatically, a ‘cousin’ is a child of one’s uncle or aunt. A Grammar Nazi would know that the word ‘cousin’ does not need to be followed by ‘sister’ or ‘brother’. It’s simply ‘cousin’.


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After all, the names will solve the gender confusion!

2. Revert Back 

Revert means to return to a previous topic, state or practice.  So if you are reverting back, it means you are going back twice! Is that even possible!?

Revert Back

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Wish you could undo all those emails right?

3. Good Name

All of us have faced this question at least once – “What’s your good name?”

Wonder which names are bad? The next time, let’s just make sure to ask ‘What’s your name?’

Good name

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4. Passing out

Why is it that most Indian kids are passing out of college? It’s a wrong term used in place of ‘graduating’.

Passing Out

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But it would be wrong to say that we don’t get drunk and unconscious – ‘pass out’ in college every now and then.

5. Mother Promise

It’s the literal English translation of ‘ma kasam’ but it’s not in the dictionary.

Why drag mom into everything?

Mother Promise

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A pinky promise might work instead!

Do you know any more phrases like these? Share them with us in the comments below.

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