5 Facts About Rio Olympics 2016 In Numbers

The 2016 edition of the Olympics kicked off in Rio on August 5th, which is also the first time the games are being held in a South American country. This 22 day long sporting extravaganza has already faced some set backs firstly with the outbreak of Zika virus which forced a lot of athletes to withdraw their participation, to cases of unpreparedness of certain housing facilities being allotted to participants. However, with a competition of this scale, these issues are bound to crop up, but what really matters is that we get to see some great competitive spirit from the athletes that will make these games a grand success.

We’ve listed down 5 Amazing Facts About Rio 2016 Represented By Numbers:

a. 11.5 Billion Dollars

That’s the estimated cost for hosting the 2016 Rio Olympics!

Opening Ceremony Rio 2016 OlympicGames

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b. 10,500

The estimated number of participants who will compete from 206 countries, spread across 305 events!

Rio Olympics 2016 participants

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c. 2

The number of new sports that have been introduced in this edition of the Olympics. Golf returns to the games after almost 110 years and Rugby after a span of 90 years.

Golf in Rio Olympics 2016

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d. 550

That’s the size of the largest contingent participating – Team USA! This team comprises of 292 women athletes as well.

usa contingent rio 2016 olympics

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e. 10

The number of refugees who will be participating in the first ever Refugee Olympics Team which includes 5 middle distance runners from South Sudan, 2 Judokas from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2 swimmers from Syria and 1 marathoner from Ethiopia.

Refugee olympics team rio 2016

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During the course of the Olympics, we’ll continue updating our blog with any other interesting facts that may come along. In the meantime, read these 5 Amazing Facts About India’s Olympics History.

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