5 Hilarious Words Only Delhiites Use

Besides the way a Delhiite dresses, behaves at a night club, flaunts his cars, throws names (contacts) or even worships Honey Singh, there’s nothing more peculiar than the way in which he speaks! The sheer aggression in the tone often feels like a fight is going to ensue – now top that with some of the most flowery and innovative words only they can come up with! Not saying that they aren’t respectful, but their vocabulary is loaded with words that will just make you go WTF!

Here’s listing down 5 Hilarious Words Only Delhiites Use:

1. Jugaad


2. Ainvayi


3. Thulla

Thulla Policeman

4. Vella


5. Totta


Which one is your favourite word?

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