5 Of My BFF Moments That Every Girl Will Relate To

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with.” I wouldn’t agree more on this one! Right from the time I had my first sleepover to figuring what I should wear to my wedding, she is the best friend who has been my cheerleader and my closest confidante.
Here are five of my special BFF moments that every girl will relate to:

1. We are each other’s biggest fans

She thinks of me as nothing less than a celebrity and it’s a same pinch for me! From events, PR, model, actor and now a part time writer and yogi – I have seen her roleplay like no other and she is so damn good at it! She has always been the girl who is ruled by her heart and not by her head and inspires us like no other. I am lucky to say that I often share my “fangirl” moments with my best one. And this one is my favorite-



2. We secretly love matching clothes when we’re together

After all, twinning with your bestie are what relationship goals are made of!
We leave no opportunity to stand true to this and often color coordinate clothes. Look at it this way, if you spend maximum time with this one person, it’s best to compliment her in every way possible. And above all, it makes for kickass “candid” pictures. We have got to make sure not to disappoint our Instagram followers!



3. She is the one I share most of my “firsts” with

My first drink, first awkward BFF conversation, first time I sneaked out, first time baking, first designer handbag, and the list is endless! Now firsts are really special but some of our best firsts are the most silly moments we share together! Be it the first time we walked together with 107 other girls in one show or be it the first ad we shot together for a beauty product called “Cleopatra”- she knows each one of my dirty little secrets and she guards them like gold!



4. The mode of communication we enjoy the most – facial expressions!

A wide eye stare or a raised eyebrow and I know exactly what she means and where it’s coming from. Having a secret language, be it expressions or emojis gives us a different kind of kick. We ace it with our use of #’s and #TequilaThursday is our now our thing!




5. The moment when I realised that I might just have to share her with that “special someone”

“Over protective?” – what’s that! Insecurity is more than normal with this situation. For me, it was a little extreme and I went to the extent of making it public knowledge at every single opportunity I got. It’s almost like wanting to show the world that you know her better than this new kid on the block! And then when he acts like he knows her better than you do, it’s a ‘bring it on’ moment until you realise what’s actually happening. Here’s some proof of love..

These moments are special and ones that are shared only by you and your BFF. Here is a brand new Zee TV show called ‘Yaaron Ki Baraat!’ that will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks. Known for their quirky one-liners and impeccable comic timing, Riteish and Sajid will add their own touch of fun, frolic, spice and quirky humour to the show. It will showcase celebrity friends who will test their love and affection towards each other by taking on some sporting dares, spilling the beans on each other, and more. We’re really excited about this one! What about you?

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