5 Reasons Why It’s Important For Kids To Catch Up On Lost Growth

Getting the right kind of nutrition is extremely important because all of your body functions depend on the kind of fuel that is being provided to it. Right nutrition involves the right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc that work in harmony to keep the body healthy.

The importance of nutrition is seen especially in children because that is the age when the body is growing at its fastest pace and needs the foundation for a child’s growth in the future. Children are extremely fussy eaters when it comes to eating vegetables, which often results in them having to miss out on receiving all the nutrients required, that could results in illness, erratic sleeping habits, fatigue and loss of concentration, to name a few.

Here we list down 5 reasons why it’s important for kids to catch up on lost growth:

1. Active Lifestyle:

Children face an extremely hectic and active life which needs to be supplemented by the right nutrition to keep them going. Gone are the days when the child had to worry only about going to school and completing homework! Today’s kids are perpetually facing competition from their peers when it comes not only to academics but also to sports and other extra-curricular activities. This often results in the child having to wake up early in the morning to go for sports training or additional tuition classes just to hone new skills.

2. Concentration For Studies:

Children are easily diverted with the slightest of distraction in their environment. One of the biggest reasons for this is the loss in concentration, caused due to improper nutrition. Kids need to concentrate not just during class hours, but also while doing homework and other activities. It is extremely important that there is no loss in growth in these early years because that could lead the child to get de-motivated and depressed.

3. Build Immunity:

Immunity in children build in their tender years which sets the base for their future. Lost growth in these years could have a long term effect on the child’s overall immunity, leading to frequent illnesses with a high probability of diseases.

4. Unhealthy Snacking:

Children tend to eat a lot of junk food such as pizzas and burgers that are often loaded with preservatives. Sodium levels in packaged food is extremely high which results in poor nutrition for the child. This greatly hinders the normal growing pattern of children and needs to be supplemented by nutrients that are found in products such as Horlicks Growth+.

5. Proper Metabolic Functioning:

Children have a much more faster metabolic rate as compared to adults, which means that if they are not fed the optimum quantity of nutrients, they will rapidly lose weight which will stunt their overall growth.

GSK Consumer Healthcare has recently launched Horlicks Growth+, a revolutionary formula designed by international pediatric experts that is proved to show visible growth in children, aged between 3-9 years, within just 6 months. Horlicks Growth+ contains the right amount of vitamins, whey protein and minerals that provide growth to children who are either short or less in optimum weight for their age.

gsk horlicks growth+ available in 2 flavours

Parents, what are you currently doing to ensure your child receives the right nutrition? Comment and let us know!

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