5 Reasons You Know You’re A 90s Kid

You are one of those kids who enjoyed your childhood without tablets, iphones, selfies and Facebook. Sounds quite boring honestly!

But here are some of those priceless moments that you would kill to re-live – we can bet!

1. You can’t get enough of this ever! Can you?


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It generated some really intense competition among your friends back then!

2. Some of your best pictures were definitely in “Fancy Dress” competitions

Fancy Dress

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Whyyyyyy on earth!?

3.  When you saved up to buy a Fusen gum over a Boomer

Fusen Gum

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The reason was this! Tatoooooooos!

4. You loved watching ‘The legends of the hidden temple’ in Hindi on Nickelodeon

Legends of the hidden temple

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And of course there were shows like Shaka Laka Boom Boom too!

5. Relatives who got you Toblerone were considered ‘Very Cool’


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And then eat it piece by piece with the fear of it getting over soon. 

This list of cherished moments can go on and on. We would love to hear some of yours too…

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