5 Records Lionel Messi Is Likely To Achieve In 2016

When someone says the word football, the most likely faces to come to mind along with legends like Pele and Maradona, is none other than Lionel Messi. He is agile, unstoppable and a force to reckon with in modern football. He is the only player to have the Fifa World Player Of The Year/ FIFA Ballon d’OR a total of 5 times and the first player to win 3 European Golden Shoes. He has also won 7 La Liga titles and 4 UEFA Champions League titles, along with 3 Cope del Rey titles. These are just some of the numerous records he holds in world football and with the way he is going at a young age of just 28, a lot more records will be etched against his name.

Coming into 2016, Lionel Messi already has an amazing chance of adding some more records and accolades to his name. Here we list down 5 Records Lionel Messi Is Likely To Achieve In 2016:

1. Most La Liga goals at home

Currently the record is held by Telmo Zarra who scored a total of 176 goals at home during the 15 seasons he spent at Athletic Bilbao. Messi is just 3 goals away from shattering that record. So far he has scored 174 home goals at Camp Nou. This record should be a walk in the park for Messi!

Lionel Messi goal record

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2. Scoring a goal in most number of La Liga home games

The record is currently held by Real Madrid’s striker Raul who scored in 111 home games. Currently, Messi has scored in 106 games at home in La Liga. However, he may have to wait till the 2016/17 to break this record since Barcelona has only 4 home games this season.

Lionel Messi La Liga
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3. 200 away goals

Not only does he capitalize on the home advantage, he is also a terror in the away games! Messi is just 4 goals away from a record 200 away goals. Very few international players have the distinction of scoring a total of 200 goals in both home and away combined!

Lionel Messi goal record

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4. Surpass his 91-goal world record year

After 16 games, Messi is already 3 goals ahead of his tally after 16 games in his record year. With 3 hat-tricks this year, he has already scored 20 goals. 13 of these have come in La Liga, 5 in the Copa del Rey and 2 in the UEFA Champions League.

Lionel Messi records

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5. Playing the complete 90 minutes in 400 matches

While most team managers prefer taking off their star players once the team is in a commanding position, the same does not apply when it comes to Messi. He has currently played the entire 90 minutes in a total of 393 games, just 7 short of the 400 mark, a record which seems easy to own. The amount of time he spends on the field clearly reflects in the number of goals he has scored in his lifetime.

Lionel Messi records

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