5 Things Indians Need To Learn About India From Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

Beautiful cinematography, we agree! But Coldplay’s new video basically shows what India looks like to all white people. Using culture as prop of entertainment? Here are five things Indians needs to know about India from ‘Hymn For The Weekend’-

1. India is all about fire-breathers, snake charmers, puppeteers and classical dancers


Where in India can we find all this talent on the streets?

2. Kids on the street dress up as Lord Shiva with their bodies painted

Kids on the street dress up as Lord Shiva

3. We have given up on multiplexes right? Because we have graduated to single-screen theaters with projectionists

single-screen theaters with projectionists

4. We are a land with a lot of sadhus! And guess what- some of them can even balance themselves on a sticks for mere entertainment


5. It’s enough to have a Bollywood actor’s cameo to please the Indian audience

Not bad a song though! We kinda like the music. But this is just not cool – 

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