5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a decision that takes a lot of thought, that’s ‘coz you’re gonna have it on your body for the rest of your life! Well, unless you’re rich and laser removal is not a biggie which, mind you, is a lot more painful than getting the tattoo itself.

Here are 5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo:

1. Size does matter – If this is your first tattoo, go small. Don’t be over-zealous and tattoo half your body! You never know, you might just not enjoy the entire experience.

Size does matter

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2. Choose wisely – Sleep over it! If you have even the slightest of doubt, re-consider the design. Don’t rely on what people say, it’s you who must be totally convinced.

Choose wisely

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3. To see or not to see? – Ask yourself this –“Do I want to see the tattoo every day of my life or not?” Depending on the answer, choose an appropriate spot on your body. Don’t be too afraid, you’ll get used to it.

Tattoo Choose Wisely

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4. If you’re getting a tattoo with words, proofread! Unless you’re this guy –


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5. Research your artist – Always and we mean always see the past work of your artist. Every artist has their own specializations so make sure you’ve done your homework and had a consultation prior to your session.

Research your tattoo artist

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Got a tattoo or planning one sometime soon? Share with us your views in the comments below.

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