5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About El Chapo

Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman has been captured, again, much to the pleasure of the Mexican president who tweeted about the same. After his daring escape in July 2015 from a high-security prison in west Mexico city, a man-hunt was launched to re-capture the World’s most wanted drug lord.

Here are 5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About El Chapo:

1. Featured on Forbes Billionaire List!

In 2009, El Chapo made it to the Forbes Billionaire list with a net worth of $1 billion. He is also considered to be among the World’s most powerful people.

El Chapo 1. Featured on Forbes Billionaire List

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2. Escaped high-security prisons, not once, but twice!

He made his first escape in 2001 after spending 8 years behind bars in one of Mexico’s toughest prisons, Puente Grande, by hiding in a laundry cart. After his re-capture in 2014, he made his second escape just 17 months after being imprisoned via an escape route dug out under a blind spot of his security camera.

El Chapo escaped high-security prisons

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3. Prison or a 5 Star Resort stay?

Apparently during his 8 year prison term in Puente Grande, he lived like a king with almost everyone on his payroll. He had free access to women, alcohol and truck loads of cocaine!

5 star prison stay

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4. Married an 18 year old beauty queen

In November 2007, he married Emma Coronel Aispuro, a beauty queen who he helped win a local beauty pageant in Canelas. He fathers twin daughters with her, who have dual citizenship in the US and Mexico.

El Chapo Married an 18 year old beauty queen

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5. Named Public Enemy #1 in Chicago

El Chapo is the first person to be named Public Enemy in Chicago, after Al Capone in 1930. This is because his Sinaloa Cartel is the biggest supplier of drugs in Chicago, smuggling over 4,000 pounds of cocaine every month!

Named Public Enemy #1 in Chicago
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How long before he escapes from prison again? Why don’t you guess in the comments below!?

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