5 Amazing FAN Videos That Will Make Shah Rukh Khan Blush

One of SRK’s most awaited movies of the year, FAN is creating a lot of buzz. We all know how this star is always a step ahead with the marketing of his films. This set of 5 videos are absolutely phenomenal and leave you waiting for the movie desperately!

Here’s to all you SRK Fans-

1. Fan Ho Gaya

Four people, living in four different parts of the country, expressing their love for four different celebrities. It’s simply surprising!

2. Did you know about a ‘SRK’ Universe?

Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest fan club SRK Universe, started in Maldives.

3. Vishahrukh- a truly passionate SRK fan!

A look into his world, that revolves around SRK is unbelievable!

4. The story of two brothers in Kerela

It is overwhelming to see how two brothers in Kerela decided to help old people and made them laugh by setting up an SRK fan center that takes care of Cancer and Leprosy patients and small children. All of this only because they are inspired by the way SRK brings happiness to their lives.

5. SRK could just have more fans in other parts of the world!

Absolutely nothing can match the passion, the ecstasy, the delight of these fans.

This is unbelievable!!! We can’t wait to see the movie now! Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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