5 Best College Wear For Guys

College is that point in a teenagers’ life when one experiences freedom at various stages – be it choosing a career path, evolving your knowledge, making new friends, enjoying a new found independence, physical transformations, strong opinions, etc. Students at this juncture are no more restricted to wearing a uniform – they wear what they fancy and what they like. They take additional effort and always strive to look astonishingly well-groomed which enhances their personality. Unfortunately during school, one’s personal style doesn’t matter as much as it matters during college. Well, let’s not forget that it’s all about making a first impression because a first impression is indeed the last impression. So, it’s very important to keep yourself all groomed up!

Talking about women, they are very conscious about having everything perfect – right from their nails to their mascara, from their shoes to their hair. However on the contrary, men are not far behind when it comes to experimenting with new looks and grooming themselves. Now that we’ve established the change in men and their dressing, let’s help find out the few trends that they can ace in college. Here’s a list of the 5 trends that men love experimenting with in college:


1. Monochrome

Monochrome clothing for college guys
What is monochrome? It’s a trend that flaunts wearing separates of one color that have different textures or similar shades of that color for an overall singular tone look. We have to agree that boys do look good in a single color – like a white or a black t-shirt. This trend lets you experiment with basics and keep it light. If you use the NNnow Coupon Code, you might just win a chance to get the best dress for yourself.


2. Basic T-Shirts

basic tshirts for college boys

Basic t-shirts sound too boring but yes, trust us, invest a good amount in these tees! Here are a few styles that you could consider to ace the basics look:

(1) Wear a plain t-shirt teamed up with a pair of denim jeans

(2) Wear a plain t-shirt and over it wear a shrug or cardigan

(3) Wear a t-shirt and team it with joggers and jeans

Basic T-shirts will give you a very plain look but there is no way it won’t complement your overall look.

3. Ripped Jeans

ripped jeans for college boys

We think we all have invested enough in plain/basic jeans across different shades and fits, but it’s high time to start experimenting with ripped jeans. Trust us with this one! The ripped jeans look can completely amp up your basic look to a super chic and insanely stylish one. This is definitely one of the fashion trends that is here to stay. The next time you look for a pair of jeans – make sure it’s ripped!


4. Beach Shirts

Beach shirts for college guys

This might sound a little awkward because we are asking you to wear a beach printed shirts or t-shirts to college but with the onset of summer – this one look will make you stand out! Still not sure? We know it sounds a little OTT because beach shirts are not a one-type-fits-all situation, however pair it in different ways to make the most of it. For example, pair a beach shirt with a basic solid t-shirt and you’re good to go! Oh wait, did you know that according to science, bright colors and good sober graffiti attracts people and aha! a beach shirt is the best combination of these worlds. Head over to Jockey Coupons to buy some innerwear as well, because comfortable inside will make you look goo outside.


5. Formal Look

Formal look for young college men

There are a few colleges where the formal dress code still exists. We know it’s not the best feeling but hey, a man suited up works wonders! Make the formal look a little fun but adding a hint of color here and there. Given the options in fabrics and colors today, nobody sticks to white and black. Tip: Take a pair of colorful chinos and pair it up with a good linen shirt. Whether it’s a party or a university event, this formal look will always give you a groomed look and an even better first impression.

Hope you have no more complaints about the lack of styling options when it comes to men! These are 5 trends and tricks that we swear by and will help you breeze through.

Share with us in the comments below your thoughts on how can one ace the college look?

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