5 Facts About The New Nokia 3310

There mustn’t anyone reading this who hasn’t owned the most famous mobile phone Nokia ever produced, the Nokia 3310! Known for its durability, Nokia sold over 126 million pieces in 6 years until they stopped production in 2006 thanks to the rapid evolution of technology. But, let’s be honest, inspite of how evolved today’s smart phones are, nothing compares to the joy of owning a Nokia 3310.

That joy can finally be a reality thanks to an announcement made by Nokia branded phone-maker HMD – they’ve brought back the Nokia 3310 in a more modern avatar, however they have retained some of the original features and we can’t wait to get our hands on this one!

Here are 5 things you need to know about the Nokia 3310 that will surely make you wanna get it:


nokia 3310 screen size

The Nokia 3310 comes with a 2.40 inch QVGA touch screen display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution. The screen is a litter bigger in comparison to the old 3310 which just had a resolution of 48 x 84 pixels.


Nokia 3310 16gb memory


The phone has a 16 GB internal memory that can be expanded to 32 GB via a microSD card. With a simple 2 megapixel camera on the rear, you’ll have ample storage to store all your images.


nokia 3310 thin

Unlike the brick-like sturdy old 3310, the new model is a little smaller, half as fat and much lighter in comparison. Don’t worry, they haven’t compromised on the sturdiness of the phone which is something you can expect with this one too.


nokia 3310 battery life

The phone runs on a 1200 mAh battery that gives a stand-by time of 31 days and a talk time of 22 hours. That’s a massive amount of battery life compared to our smartphones. The battery charges via a microUSB and also comes with a headphone socket at the bottom.


nokia 3310 snake game

Saving the best for the last, the makers have very kindly retained the Snake game which comes with a modern twist. So get ready to spend endless hours trying to better your top score!

Priced at just about Rs. 3,500, will you get your hands on this gem of a phone? Comment and tell us your best memory of the Nokia 3310!

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