5 Facts About The Newly Announced Google Pixel Smartphone

For those of you who have been following Google and their updates for a while would be aware of the fact that they have been working on a smartphone and after all of the pre-event leaks and speculations, Google finally announced the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones!

The Pixel is a 5 inch 1080p display, while the Pixel XL is 5.5 inch Quad HD panel. Google in the past has helped design the Nexus phones, but the Pixel and Pixel XL are the first phone to bear the branding of Google with the tagline “Phone By Google”. Google has designed everything from the industrial design to the user experience, keeping it simple and easy to use, a philosophy that Google has always stood for.
The phones are being assembled by HTC and feature a unibody case made of aluminium, with decorative glass panels on the back side.

Here are 5 amazing facts about the Pixel that will surely convince you buy it:

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is at the core of the phone’s hardware. What Siri is to iOS, Assistant is to Google Pixel. When you hold down the Home button or say the phrase ‘OK Google’, Assistant comes to life. Right from playing your favourite music, to digging out pictures from a specific date or helping you pick a movie to watch, Google Assistant does it all. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that they have improved the quality of its artificial intelligence from 89.6% in 2014, to 93.9% in 2016!

Google Assistant
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2. Camera

Google claims that the Pixel has the best smartphone camera ever and is said to be the quickest camera ever tested! Pixel comes with a 12.3 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel selfie camera with relatively large pixel for better low-light performance. It has a 89 points score from DXOMark making it the “best smartphone ever” and comes very close to a compact camera in terms of sharpness and colour accuracy. In terms of speed, there is almost no lag when taking shots with the HDR function is always on, which means it performs great in low light as well.
In terms of video, the Pixel can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second, 1080p video at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps. Google demonstrated its impressive image stabilization feature showing how the stabilized version was quite smooth while the un-stabilized footage was almost unusable. The camera samples the gyroscope 200 times per second, instantly compensating for the any camera shake and rolling shutter, known as jello effect.


3. Unlimited Cloud Storage

Google announced that all Pixel owners will get unlimited cloud storage for all their full-resolution images and videos. This is similar to the standard Google Photos backup, just that it does not compress the size or quality of the images and videos while backing up.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

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4. Connectivity and Communication

Pixel users will be the first ones to receive Android updates directly from Google when it’s rolled out. The company has also paid close attention to charging-on-the-go by adding fast charging that gives upto 7 hours of power after just 15 minutes of charge. Google also has a built-in 24×7 live tech support operator, who can see exactly what’s on your screen and help resolve any issue.

Connectivity and Communication

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5. Made For Virtual Reality

Google recently unveiled a rival to Samsung Gear VR called the Daydream View and the Pixel will be the first phone that is compatible with this $79 VR set. The set is made of microfiber fabric and is intended to give a softer feel to the view as compared to plastic and metal used in the others. The Daydream works wirelessly with Android phones, which act as a screen. A hand-held controller is needed to move through virtual-reality games, movie, etc and fits back into the headset when not in use. The set is available in dark gray, light gray and red.

 Made For Virtual Reality

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Pricing starts at $649 for the 5 inch Pixel with 32 GB storage and goes up to $749 for the 128 GB version, while the 32 GB Pixel XL costs $769 and the 132 GB version costs $869. Pixel XL comes with a 3,450mAh battery while the Pixel has a 2,770mAh battery with a common 4 GB RAM. In India the prices begin at Rs. 57,000 and pre-orders open on 13th October.

Do you think the Google Pixel will give the iPhone 7 a run for its money? Comment and tell us!

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