5 Ganpatis In Mumbai To See Before Everyone Else

Ganesh Chaturthi is right around the corner and people from across the city are preparing to welcome Ganpati to their pandals. Like every year, the biggest pandals from across Mumbai get their Ganpatis made at the Central Railway Loco Workshop in Parel, where Ganpatis of all sizes, colours and shapes are made. Artisans from across the country make their way to these workshops for a period of 3 months and it’s interesting to note that each of these artisans specialize in making specific parts of the idols such at the torso, hands, feet, stomach. Even the eyes are painted by skilled painters who come all the way from Bihar.

10-12 days before Ganesh Chaturthi, the biggest idols make their way from the Parel workshop to their respective areas and watching the idols emerge out of the workshop is a sight in itself. Thousands of devotees come to witness this unique spectacle which converts into a huge celebration! Drums, smoke bombs and confetti add to the entire atmosphere of revelry, with throngs of policemen trying to keep vigil.

We had the good fortune of visiting the workshop on the Sunday when most of the big Ganpatis made their way home! Hence, bringing to you 5 Ganpati Idols You Can See Before Everyone Else Does:

1. Malad Cha Raja

Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Sakinaka cha raja


2. Ganesh Murti Nagar Cha Raja, Colaba

Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Murthi Nagar Colaba cha raja

3. Vile Parle Cha Raja

Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Vile Parle cha raja


4. Sakinaka Cha Raja

Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Sakinaka Cha raja


5. Mumbadevi Cha Raja

Ganesh Chaturthi Mumbai Mumbadevi cha raja

Which one of these pandals are you planning on visiting this Ganesh Chaturthi?

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