5 Hilarious Things India Thinks Is In This Mystery Box

Mumbai woke up to a huge white box with a gold ribbon around it on the morning of 18th October. This box was placed in the centre of the Phoenix Mills, Mumbai Courtyard which had curious shoppers left scratching their heads over the contents of this beautiful box.

Sparked by intrigue from on-ground, Twitter was a flurry of conversation with people trying to guess what’s inside the box, which soon lead to #ThinkInsideTheBox to trend all over India at the top position! With over 2,000 tweets being generated with the hashtag, we couldn’t help but compile 5 of the funniest tweets:

1. Sunny Leone

“Mohitt, we are with you on this one. We aren’t too sure how big is big, but we certainly can’t wait for BIG launch!”

2. Donald Trump

“For the sake of humanity and himself, we hope it’s not Mr. Trump! The heat and humidity of Mumbai might not do justice to his hair.”


3. Taher Shah

“Seems like ‘Mankind’s Angel’ is really ‘Manly’ with all that chest hair! Could it be the launch of a new body hair trimmer?”


4. Box Full Of Kittens


5. A Cute Puppy


What do you think is inside this Box Of Inspiration? Comment and tell us!

Also, don’t forget to watch the big reveal today at 6pm on Facebook!

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  1. bra resmål för nygifta med budget December 27, 2016

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