5 Little Known Facts About Coldplay

After years of waiting, Coldplay may finally be performing in Mumbai, which they are yet to officially confirm on their website or social handles, but a leading event agency in Delhi has confirmed this news. MMRDA grounds in Mumbai will play host to Coldplay’s first India concert on November 19th, 2016! Much to the delight of all their fans in India, who have been eagerly waiting for this good news, after multiple rumours over the years, this will surely be a complete sell out concert.

They’ve been giving us signs of their arrival ever since Chris Martin played an impromptu gig at a bar in Delhi and then they shot the video of Hymm For The Weekend in Mumbai. Clearly, they’ve had an affinity for our magical county.

On checking their website, we can see that they don’t have any tours lined up for November, which is a little indication that they coming to India is a possibility. A stopover in India after San Francisco, en route Auckland would be a good decision, we say!

In preparation for their tentative arrival, we’ve put together 5 amazing facts about Coldplay we are sure you didn’t know:

1. Chris Martin sang ‘The Scientist’ backwards

In the music video of ‘The Scientist’, Chris Martin is shown driving his car with his girlfriend sitting by his side. They get into an accident which leads to her death. The entire video plays out in reverse to create a dramatized effect. While the video was shot in forward but played backwards, Chris actually sang backwards, which meant he had to learn the phonetic lip-sync for each word backwards and then perform so that it looks authentic.

Watch for yourself to see what we are talking about:


2. The song ‘Yellow’ is named after a Telephone Directory!

While writing the lyrics of the song ‘Yellow’, Chris was looking for a word to describe the mood of the song that would encapsulate the emotions the song presented. While he was writing, his eyes went on a Yellow Pages Directory and hence was born ‘Yellow’! He then added the word to the song and as they say, the rest is history.

Chris often mentions how in interviews he finds it hard to explain the name ‘Yellow’ and tends to come up with different stories each time to make it sound interesting.


3. They’ve turned down Coca-Cola, not just once!

Artists jump at the opportunity of their songs being picked up big brands, but not with Coldplay! They’ve turned down numerous offers over the years, most notably that of Coca-Cola on not one, but two occasions. The first time was when Coke wanted to use the song ‘Trouble’ for a Diet Coke advertisement and the second was when they wanted to use ‘Yellow’ in a Gatorade commercial, for which they had offered $9 million!

coldplay turns down coca cola

What could have been!

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4. They weren’t originally called Coldplay

The band was formed in 1996 when lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland got together at University College London (UCL). They performed under the name of Pectoralz, until bassist Guy Berryman joined them and changed the name to Starfish. Finally in 1998 when Phil Harvery joined them as their manager, they settled for the name Coldplay after one of their UCL friends Tim Crompton suggested it to them, since he found the name too depressing for his own band. The original Coldplay name was taken from a poem book collection called Child’s Reflections: Cold Play.

coldplay starfish band name

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5. They are incredibly generous givers

They donate almost 15% of all their tour proceeds to charity! Not just that, Chris Martin at a charity event held by Sean Penn purchased a Banksy painting worth $400,000 in the name of charity. When it comes to giving, they immensely love their fans and it is rumoured during their 2011 Mylo Xyloto tour, they went out of their way and spent almost $4.4 million on wristbands that changed colour basis the beat of the song. These bands were given to fans as a souvenir.

colour wristbands coldplay concert

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Are you excited to welcome Coldplay to India?

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