5 Reasons Why We Love The Channel Zindagi

Zindagi, as you all would know, is an Indian entertainment channel that is owned by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEEL) and is rightfully regarded as a category creator in the industry. Having garnered a loyal base of premium audiences, it has over the past 27 weeks managed to maintain its position as the Number 1 Premium Entertainment Channel with over 710 average GTVTs. The channel recently announced a new primetime line-up of some amazing shows starting 3rd October and we are more than happy to share some insights with you.

Sunil Buch Chief Business Office Zee Zindagi

We had the opportunity of attending a very exclusive blogger meet held in Mumbai on 30th September, hosted by Mr. Sunil Buch, Chief Business Office at ZEEL, who took us through what the channel has been upto and their future plans. While we have always been a keen follower of the stories Zindagi curates from across countries like Spain, Turkey, Italy, Latin America and Korea, we take this chance to tell you 5 reasons why we totally love the channel!

1. Staying True To Its Ethos

There are very few television channels that have been able to create a persona for itself and managed to let that persona resonate through and through across the way its programming is decided or the manner in which it communicates. Zindagi by far takes the numero uno spot when we talk about brand persona. The reason we say this is because right from the beginning, Zindagi has stood for celebrating moments in life that are relatable. The channel through its content has never forced an opinion on the viewer, but has instead left the message to the interpretation of the mind. They have been a thought leader in premium entertainment with bold narratives of universal emotion and for the first time ever, Zindagi will be seen on a dual-feed of Hindi and English to cater to their bi-lingual premium audiences.
Sunil mentioned that the channel’s positioning of ‘Yeh Lamha Hi Hai Zindagi’ mirrors the essence of Zindagi and lends itself into a conversation that reflects personal life experiences. Not just are the stories relatable, even the characters who play them make a direct connect to you. He told us that Zindagi is one of the only channels that actually cast for its dubbing since some of the content is dubbed and the importance in doing so to match the personality to the voice.

2. Innovativeness In Reaching Out To The Audiences

In today’s clutter of content, it is extremely important for content creators to reach out to their audiences at places where and when they consume it the most. People are perpetually on the move and when a channel like Zindagi is targeting women who are 22 years of age and above, it’s imperative that they be available for consumption not just on television but also on other digital mediums. While all other channels engage with their viewers via the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat, Zindagi has taken a step forward and will now televise some of their primetime content via Periscope! Yes, you heard that right – Periscope! How cool is that? It means that the next time you are travelling back home after office or college, but want to watch your favourite Zindagi show, simply turn on Periscope and watch it live. The Zindagi team however did mention that not all episodes will be telecast on Periscope, only a few main shows/ episodes will be shown, but we feel it’s a great move! With the kind of thought provoking content the channel provides, it will only be simpler for viewers to watch an episode via Periscope and immediately tweet about their opinion or join in a conversation about the episode. We truly believe this is the way forward when it comes to bringing content to the viewer’s ‘second screen’.

3. Little Lord – Starts 3rd October at 7:30 PM

Fighting Parents. Broken Marriage. Child’s Play!

Little Lord Zee Zindagi show timings

We are most excited for Little Lord, a show that tells a tale of the endearing relationship shared between a child and his parents, seen through the eyes of a six year old boy called Mehmet. Mehmet is a mischievous school boy who tries hard to unite his ever-fighting parents at home, which results in some heart-warming moments that make you feel for him. It’s a classic story of a child who has grown up with his parents fighting and the different ways in which he tries to deal with this negativity in his own innocent manner. The show leaves you with the message of the importance of love in a family and is a light-hearted watch.

4. TV Ke Uss Paar – Starts 3rd October at 8:30 PM

TV OCD Mom Enters TV World!

TV Ke Uss Paar starting October 3, 830 PM Zee Zindagi

Isn’t it a typical observation that in every household, the elder women get so engrossed in their television shows that they often lose track of reality vs fiction. This show is a tongue-in-cheek sitcom of the world of daily soaps and gives you a glimpse of how obsessed today’s society is with television. The show is a thrilling ride of a mother-son duo – Madhu and Vivek, where their reel and real lives collide. His mother’s craze for daily soaps leads her into the reel world, and soon, Vivek follows her there, too.
Both mother and son are torn between the two worlds, leading to hilarious circumstances and refreshing viewing.

5. Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par – Starts 3rd October at 10 PM

Bollywood Dreams Versus His Personal Values

Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par starting October 3, 10 PM zee zindagi

It’s common knowledge that thousands of aspirants from all over the country come to Mumbai every month in order to live their dream of making it in big in Bollywood. Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par, produced by Anupam Kher’s production company Actor Prepares, is one such story of Arya, a 24 year old boy, who leaves behind his family, friends and girlfriend, Niyati, and comes to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of becoming a star. It’s a story of glitz and glamour of Bollywood on one hand and his personal values on the other.
During his journey he crosses paths with Shikha – an established Bollywood Diva, who might hold the key to his first break. But all dreams demand their pound of flesh! What are the values he is ready to forego? Will he succeed and achieve what he is set out for? We’ll have to watch and see!

Zindagi is truly pioneering the Indian Hindi Entertainment space and we are excited to see where this channel goes in the near future! Comment and tell us which is your favourite Zindagi show and which new show you are looking forward to watch!


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