5 Roles Where Paoli Dam Surprised Audiences

Paoli Dam is quite an acting sensation in the Bengali television and film industry, with over 14 years of experience under her belt. She started off her career in 2004 with the Bengali television serial Jibon Niye Khela and also acted in serials like Tithir Atithi and Sonar Harin. She later went on to make her debut in the Bengali film industry with Teen Yaari Katha which released in 2012. In the same year she also made her Bollywood debut in Vikram Bhatt’s Hate Story. Recently, she forayed into the web space with her first Bengali web-series, Kaali, which shall be streaming on ZEE5.

So, while you have an idea of her journey now, let’s take a look at 5 roles where Paoli Dam surprised audiences with her outstanding performance:


1. Hate Story

Hate Story was an incredible erotic thriller featuring Paoli Dam that was released in 2012. In the movie, the actress makes a seamless transition from an average working girl to a sultry avenger who uses her sexuality to fight the world. Interestingly, Hate Story isn’t just one woman hating one man – it’s also a tale of corruption, brutality, arrogance, power and pride.
Watch the trailer here:


2. Maati

Released in 2018, Paoli Dam plays the role of Meghla Chowdhury. Dam does remarkable justice to it with utmost grace and charm. It’s not easy for actors to portray the types of emotions that she has on screen. But, Dam is a gifted actor, and she excels in her role as a wide-eyed wanderer in an alien land.

Watch the trailer here:


3. Maacher Jhol

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Maacher Jhol is the story of a world-renowned master-chef returning to his roots through a bowl of fish curry, the quintessential Bengali delicacy. A tale of two generations, the movie focusses on the change in ideologies and how the old and the new look at life differently. Paoli who plays the role of Sreela (Dev D’s ex-wife), is at her stoic best, delivering some really well-written lines.

4. Kaali

ZEE5 has announced their first Bengali web series, and it’s not surprising that Paoli Dam is leading this one. A fast-paced thriller set in the deep, dark underbelly of Kolkata, Kaali revolves around a mother, played by Dam, who would go to any extent to save her only son, even if it involves going toe to toe with the police and the drug mafia simultaneously. Playing a complex role with multiple shades, Paoli excels in a performance that is certainly one of her best.

Watch the trailer here to get a glimpse of her enthralling performance:

5. Natoker Moto

Considered to be one of Paoli Dam’s finest performance that won her the Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Actress at the Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival in 2016. She plays the role of legendary theatre actor Keya Chakraborty. While the film is not a proper biopic of Kheya Chakraborty, it highlights the challenges and prejudices faced by women in an industry dominated by males. Paoli considered this role to be one of her toughest till date and had to spend four months getting under the skin of the character. It’s not surprising that this film won her numerous accolades.


So, that was our list of Paoli’s favourite performances, Comment and let us know which of these is your favourite Paoli Dam performance!

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