5 Things We Know About The Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS R Mirroless camera has finally launched after a lot of waiting and we are super excited with the specs! Mirrorless cameras are the technology of the future because of how light and compact they are and with this launch, Canon is ready to take on Sony in the mirrorless space!

Here are 5 Things We Know About The Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera:

1. First Look:

Canon EOS R Mirrorless camera first look


2. Price:

Rumors say it will cost around 2,37,500 YEN which converts to Rs. 1,50,000 (approx.)

3. Specs: 

Click on the link below to download the entire Spec Sheet of the brand new Canon EOS R!


4. Launch event:

Watch this video to see the live launch

5. Comparison:

Here’s a helpful like where you can compare the specs of the Canon EOS R Mirrorless to any other camera:
Compare specs


What is your review of the camera? Do you think it’s worth the money and will they be able to take on Sony head-on in the mirrorless space?

Comment and let us know!

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