5 Spring Trends Your Wardrobe Must Flaunt in 2016

With winter just about on its way out, and spring just around the corner, be sure to update your wardrobe with 5 of these very basic but extremely stylish trends. And we promise they aren’t going to be heavy on your pockets!

Here are 5 Spring Trends You Wardrobe Must Flaunt in 2016:

1. Cold/Bare Shoulder

Could be considered a passé 2015 trend, but we aren’t done with it yet. 2016 demands that you show off those toned shoulders and those collar bones in shoulder baring necklines.

Cold/Bare Shoulder

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2. All Things Fringe

Once again carried on from last season, but this year you’ll find a fringe on almost anything; clothes, shoes, bags, accessories.

All Things Fringe

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HINT: Wear a statement fringe piece and keep the rest of the outfit simple. Don’t overdo it!


3. Gym Wear Doubled Up As Casual Wear 

You know when the Kardashians do it, it’s bound to catch on. This season, don’t be afraid to step out for a movie or a casual lunch in your bright and sporty gym clothes.

Gym Wear Doubled Up As Casual Wear

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Trust us, it’s all the rage!

4. The Choker Trend

The chokers have made a comeback! Most of us must have owned a couple of them around 15 years ago. Damn!

Choker Trend

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It’s really the simplest way to make a tank top and jeans combination look very very stylish.

5. Pantone’s Colours Of 2016

You must have heard of the colour trends for 2016, ‘Rose Quatrz’, a rose pink and ‘Serenity’, a cool tranquil blue. The stores are going to be filled with these colours so it’s not going to be hard to find something you like.


Pantone’s Colours Of 2016

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It’s time to spruce up your wardrobe with these 5 tips. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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