5 Things To Know About Amazon India’s Original Series Breathe

Directed by Mayank Sharma, Breathe, is an 8-episode gritty, Indian crime thriller that premiered on Amazon Prime. This is Amazon Prime Video’s second Indian Original Series after 2017’s Inside Edge. With this launch, Amazon Prime Video continues its foray into producing high quality content for Indian and International audiences. Breathe launched on 26th January, 2018 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, across 200 countries and territories worldwide. The Original Series explores the lives of ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances and depicts how far a father can go to save a loved one.

“We serve everyone, much like the brands. Our goal is to serve them with compelling content, in areas which are not explored or are under explored in India. The goal of our Originals is to win in India first”, said Vijay Subramaniam, Director, Content, Amazon Prime Video India.

“I’m confident that India is able to create content that can be considered world-class. Audiences across the world know that Indian films aren’t just about dancing around trees any more. We can make spectacular drama, and [web television series] is an exciting new space to explore”, said R. Madhavan.

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We list down 5 things that you must know about Breathe – Amazon India’s Original Series:

1. Amazon India’s homegrown originals!

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With a focus initially on US TV shows, Amazon Prime which launched in December ’16 in India has gradually started increasing the output of regional content. The platform aims to release 10 India originals this year, including Remix, a musical reality show.

Amazon’s Prime Video has managed to excite us all with the increase and variety of originals they have to offer. Their list of originals currently include – Inside Edge, Laakhon Mein Ek, Shaitaan Haveli, Pushpavalli and now Breathe.  While Shaitaan Haveli or Pushpavalli are easy-breezy and light comedy originals, Inside Edge or Breathe are intriguing originals that keep you engrossed, wanting for more.  It doesn’t stop here for Amazon India; they are also creating originals in multiple regional local languages.
It’s definitely a very different feeling to binge on shows that belong to your homeland!

2. A little bit about the plot – no spoilers!

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It’s not very often that we get to see a well produced Indian Television series, especially with this kind of drama. To begin with, we were really excited to know what all the hype around this Amazon Original series was, since we started watching it a little late in the day. The 2 minute long trailer surely looked promising and when you have the producers of Baby and Airlift producing a crime drama, we had no choice but to watch it.

The Original Series revolves around the life of Danny Mascarenhas (played by R. Madhavan), whose ailing child has only 6 months to live and is in dire need of an organ. Danny gets so obsessed in the bid to save his child that he forgets all moral and ethical decisions. His obsession leads him to do things that no ordinary father would ever attempt and which eventually leaves you questioning the right vs the wrong.

Kabir (played by Amit Sadh) is an outstanding but non-conventional officer in the Crime Branch. Along with having a tough professional career, he is also facing a bunch of ups and downs in his personal life with an on-going divorce. Inspite of this, he is committed on solving a slew of unrelated murders that lead him to an unlikely suspect. We won’t reveal too much from here on because that would spoil the fun, but to say the least, this Original Series is the best India has produced.


3. What would we do in Danny’s place?

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If there is a character you will develop a love-hate relationship with, it’s Danny. He expresses grief, anger, frustration and guilt all in one frame.

While we cannot help but sympathize with Danny’s feelings, what he is doing is not right in practice. If this situation was one that we were dealing with, it is definitely one that puts us in a spot, leaving us with no sense of what’s right or wrong. It’s a moment of desperation that commands one’s mind and thoughts over logic driven actions.  Hence, while we think it’s wrong to act a certain way like Danny has, we think the situation demands it and we would have done just the same!


4. Why should you watch Breathe?

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With a gripping story line, amazing screen-play, brilliant cinematography and highly acclaimed cast of Madhavan & Amit Sadh, Breathe is an Amazon Original Series that you would not want to miss.
This is our first Indian web series that we have been following, and it is one that definitely will lure you into wanting more of such content. With extreme detailing that has gone into making the plot, the series depicts the honest emotions one goes through, to care for and protect their beloved. The episodes do not fail to surprise the audience when it comes to the extent to which Danny (R. Madhavan) will go as a desperate father, making us resonate and try and understand that all is fair in love, a belief some of us have so strongly believed in for decades.
When it comes to duration, you can easily binge watch it over the weekend and doesn’t take too much of your time with an average of 37 minutes per episode. The season consist of 8 episodes available exclusively on Amazon Prime.
Breathe, from the word go, keeps you glued to the screen and at the edge of your seats. Overall Breathe is a must watch, if you’re looking for a thrilling original series! Trust us on this, you will find it hard to resist watching the entire series in a single go.

5. Our Ratings

Cast: 9.5/10
Screen-play: 9/10
Plot: 8/10
Season Duration: 6/10 – Should have surely been longer 😉
Overall: 9/10

Breathe is a very promising, one-of-its-kind original series from Amazon Prime India and we can’t wait to see what season 2 has to offer. It’s our guarantee – all you need to do is watch the first episode of the series, to get hooked on right away!

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