5 Things Every Photographer Is Tired Of Hearing

The level of idiosyncrasy of statements a photographer hears is directly proportional to the size of the camera he/she owns! If you’re a photographer, we are sure you must have heard atleast one of the following statements, if not all.

Here are 5 Things Every Photographer Is Tired Of Hearing:

1. “Can you make me look thinner?”

Make me look thinner

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“Can you get your lazy a** off the bed?”

2. “Beautiful pictures! You must have an amazing camera.”

You must have an amazing camera

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“You must have an amazing sense of humour.”

3. “Your work is easy, you just have to press a button.”

Press a button

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“How about NO?”

4.  “Shoot me for free, I’ll promote you.”

Shoot me for free

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“WHAT did you just say!?”

5. “Why is the background so blurred?”

Why is the background blurred?

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“It’s called Depth Of Field, my friend.”

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