5 Things Only Late Sleepers Will Relate To

While most ‘normal’ people are wired to function during the day and retire at night, there is a different breed of people that exist among us – the ones who are MIA in the morning, perpetually late to office and carry eye bags larger than a laptop bag, but at the same time are apparently smarter and more creative as per what research has to say! If you are an early riser, then this article is not for you but you’ll surely have someone in mind who will relate to it.

Here are 5 Things Only Late Sleepers Will Relate To:

1. You almost always miss breakfast


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You can’t remember the last time you had a wholesome breakfast, can you? Your day begins at lunch time and while the rest of the world has started early and moved on with their lives, you’re still struggling to make it out of bed!

2. You are always the last one to leave a party

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You enter a party when most people are either yawning or planning on bouncing! For you, it seems odd that parties end by 1:30 am just when your energy levels are at its peak and then you end up expending most of this energy trying to convince people to stay back longer. Sigh!

3. You are most socially active post midnight

Facebook browsing

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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. become your playground only after 12 am. You seem to have missed all the action throughout the day and your friends wake up to annoying notifications from all your nocturnal activities. Reality strikes when you suddenly realize you’re the only one online on Facebook chat, besides of course your friends from abroad.

4. The only time you see the sunrise is ‘before’ you sleep


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You proudly boast to your friends that you have seen more sunrises than they have! Only difference being that after this sunrise it’s not a good morning, but a good night for you.

5. Maggi is your occasional late night friend

Eating Maggi Noodles

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Your late night hunger pangs have more often than not been satiated by some Maggi. The time during which Maggi was banned were really trying times and you had to suddenly resort to all the 24 hour delivery restaurants around the city.

If you’re reading this post 12 am, say ‘aye’ in the comment section below!

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