5 Things We All Do On Republic Day

26th January is just one of those days in the year where the patriot in us comes out! It’s that feeling of pride that we carry for our motherland that suddenly comes alive. From watching the annual parade to sticking a little flag on the hood of our car, we all have our ways of celebrating Republic Day.

As India celebrates her 69th Republic Day, we list down 5 of the most common things every Indian does on Republic Day!

1. Watch The Republic Day Parade On Doordarshan

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For as long as we can remember, Republic Day has been about waking up early to watch the parade at Rajpath, being amazed by the spectacular show the various states and agencies put on display.

2. Google An Important Question

why do we celebrate republic day

Sadly, a lot of Indians don’t know why we celebrate Republic Day! Even Google indicates the same by the auto-complete, just going to show how many people are clueless.

Let’s be honest here though – you have secretly gone and Googled it too, right? 🙂

3. Watch Border or Gadar!

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This has got to be the most patriotic thing you’ll do Republic Day, courtesy all those Hindi entertainment channels who must air these movies!

4. Buy a Flag

Buy flag from road side

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Yes, we’ve all bought a flag from that cute kid at the signal, to show our support for our country!

5. Sleep!

Sleep gif

Well, for some of us Republic Day is just a great mid-week holiday and as oblivious we are to the occasion, we celebrate Republic Day in bed, fast asleep!

How many of these are you doing today? Comment and tell us!

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