5 Things We Love About 10th Street Café Khar

10th Street Café – this romantic, cozy, chic cafe is located not in London but in Khar, Mumbai. With a heavy European influence in its interiors, this cafe is as inviting as it gets!

From a variety of egg preparations for breakfast to Goat Cheese Pizzas for a Sunday brunch. This vegetarian cafe has a menu to please us all!

Here are 5 Things we love about 10th Street Café:

1. An Aperitif you can’t avoid: Twice Baked Potatoes

10th Street Cafe Twice Baked Potato

We are all about potatoes and potatoes in any form, if you know what we mean! But now take a second and imagine tender potatoes stuffed with creamy mushroom! Ummmm!

Exactly that feeling when you bite into it the first time. There wasn’t a better appetizer we could have had that night, and we are convinced you will say the same once you try it.

If there is one thing you mustn’t miss on the menu of 10th Street Café – it’s THIS!

Twice Baked Potatoes with Spicy Rosemary Sauce: 9/10


2. Who doesn’t love a perfect thin crust: Spinachy Goat Cheese Pizza

10th Street Cafe Spinachy Pizza

They say the crust is that one thing that can really make or break a Pizza and we couldn’t agree more! With a thin crust like this, the pizza just melts in your mouth doing justice to all the toppings.

With a slightly unusual set of toppings than our regular pick, the pizza was worth a try for sure.

Spinachy Goat Cheese Pizza: 7/10

3. If you are a shroom person: Peri Peri Rice with Mushroom Stew

10th Street Cafe Peri Peri Mushroom Rice

We are a fan of mushrooms and this dish was a wish come true! A bit of an overload but like we said, it’s for all you mushshroom lovers.

Peri-peri rice with some corn and mushroom made a perfect accompaniment to the mushroom stew. The corn adds a slight sweetness to it and overall, the dish makes it for a slightly rich, heavy one.

Peri Peri Rice with Mushroom Stew: 8/10


4. For your sweet tooth: Almond Praline

10th Street Cafe Almond Praline Dessert

We almost never order a dessert that doesn’t have the word “Chocolate” in it, so this one was a surprise! If you are just like us, make sure to get this on your plate.

Plated to perfection, this dessert screams “delicious” in every bite because it’s layers of cookie crumble and Belgian chocolate topped with almond flakes and praline.

Almond Praline Cookie: 9/10


5. An offer to top it up: Zomato Gold

10th Street Cafe Basil Pomtini

For a place that serves yummy cocktails, this is real news! You can buy 2 drinks and get 2 free with Zomato gold.

We definitely recommend –

1) Basil Pomtini: This Vodka based Martini infused with Basil, Pomogranate and Passion Fruit.
2) Kafir Lime Blaze: The orange lemonade adds an extra twist to the taste of Karfir lime and definitely acts a complete refresher!

Basil Pomtini:  8/10

Kafir Lime Blaze: 8/10

Here is all you need to make your reservation:

10th Street Cafe, Khar Address: Shop No 3 & 4, Mangal Bhavna, Khar Pali Road, Road No 10, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052
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