5 Things You Need To Know About India’s First Pod Hotel

A common sight in countries like Japan, Russia, Singapore and Malaysia, pod hotels in Mumbai remind us of how crammed the city is.
Urbanpod is India’s first boutique hotel with pod-style rooms that caters to travelers who desire fuss-free and convenient living.

Here’s 5 things you need to know about India’s first pod hotel:

1. What is a pod hotel?

A pod hotel is one with pod-style rooms, designed to provide basic lodging at economical prices.

Pod Hotel

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2. The Price 

With a focus on price sensitive and budget travelers, Urbanpod has priced its pods keeping in mind lower budget hotels such as Ginger and OYO Rooms.

The price varies from approx. Rs. 2,000 – 3,500 per night for a single occupancy which also includes breakfast.

3. Types of Pods 

The Classic Pod:

Classic Pod

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The Exclusive Ladies Pod:

Ladies Only Pod

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The Private Pod:

Private Pod

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The Suite Pod:

Suite Pod

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4. The Amenities 



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Each pod comes with a bed, locker, TV, personal reading light, power socket, hangers, a dresser, free wi-fi, air-conditioning facility and an air-purifier.

The hotel also has a cafeteria where you can do your short business meeting.  With a 24 Hour pod service, food is never an issue!

5. The Size 

The hotel has 140 pods between 50 to 90 square feet –

  • The Classic pod is the smallest of the lot at 500 sq ft. It lets you hop in and tuck into bed with no space to walk around
  • The Private pod offers a little more space and privacy
  • The Suite pod is big enough for two people

Here’s a virtual tour of the new pod hotel in Andheri East:


What do you think about this new hotel concept? Share with us in the comments below.

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