5 Times Varun Pruthi Restored Faith In Humanity

In a world full of hatred, negativity, name-calling, indifference, you often lose hope and faith. Our minds are so crowded by materialistic pleasures, that we often forget compassion and ignore the real meaning of life. Among all of this, there stands out one individual, a re-incarnation of your modern-day Robin Hood better known as Varun Pruthi! Well, if you haven’t already heard of him (which is highly unlikely), you should know that he is a social media sensation and his videos would have surely cropped up on your Facebook timeline at some point in time. Yes, he is the guy who goes out and does random acts in kindness in return for nothing but love and blessings! Sounds unbelievable, but there are such people living around us who don’t care about worldly pleasures, but are instead motivated by the love of serving others.
While Varun has plenty of videos on his Youtube channel and Facebook page, we’ve picked out 5 of our favourite acts of kindness that truly brought a tear to our eyes:

1. When he helped this 100 year old woman who was selling Jaamuns on the street. This lady has worked all her life to make ends meet, just see her reaction when Varun gives her money as an ‘advance’.

No matter what age you maybe, when staying alive needs you to work and fight every single day, this woman will remind and inspire you to believe in the saying “Age No Bar”.

2. When he gave this 5 year old street kid an experience of his lifetime at McDonalds.

We take these simple pleasures of life for granted, don’t we? Just look at the happiness this child feels when he eats his first (and hopefully not last) Happy Meal. Everytime you are about to waste food, just think of the number of people out there who aren’t as fortunate as us to eat 3 meals a day, at their own free will. For this little boy, if he doesn’t manage to sell another pen, his next meal will be doubtful.

3. When he bought ALL the books from this 68 year old book seller!

The most important thing that stood out for us is the learning that the old uncle gave, he said that whatever happens, you should always take care of your parents. Such a true piece of advice that most of us today often don’t pay too much heed to.

4. When he purchased all the drawing kits from this old man.

Inspite of not having much in life, the smile this man gives is so contagious, it just shows us how much he appreciates the gesture shown by Varun and brings us tears of happiness! Not to mention, the honesty with which uncle actually returns Rs. 400 even on being asked to keep the money. Honesty is certainly a virtue hard to find in people these days.

5. When he gave this old rickshaw puller Rs. 3,000 in 45 degrees heat!

Why is it that when we buy expensive things worth 1000s we don’t bargain, but when it comes to paying Rs. 20-30 we bargain down till the last rupee? The next time you take a rickshaw, please appreciate the hardwork that people like this old uncle put in just to earn a meagre Rs. 100-200 daily!

Not only does Varun himself teach us so much about compassion and love, even the people who he helps have stories that make us ponder over and introspect. We can’t wait to see what you have next in store for us Varun! More power to you!

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