5 Best Breweries In Mumbai For Craft Beer

There’s isn’t a better day than one when you can get together with a few friends and catch up over a glass of chilled beer! Mumbai has been buzzing with a number of breweries opening up, that brew their own beers, a welcome change from the usual bottled beers. With the trend picking up from cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore and Delhi, Mumbai too has jumped on the bandwagon. Why do bottled when you can get it fresh, right?
We’ve put together 5 microbreweries in Mumbai that serve the best of hand-crafted, flavoured brews:

1. Doolally Taproom

The heaven of craft beers is here! Pune’s first microbrewery, Doolally Taproom opened in Mumbai early last year. From lightly flavoured ales, to thick, dark stouts, Doolally has it all. Must haves include apple cider, from Himalayan apples, wheat beer and oatmeal stout. This brewery take sit up a notch higher when you sip on your cider, munch on beer-battered Bombay duck or house fries and play a game of Jenga! During the mango season, they also serve a mango cider which is to die for. It’s noteworthy to know that Doolally is also among the very few bars in the city that are pet friendly – 10 points for that!

Location: Bandra West, Andheri West & Kemps Corner

Price: Rs. 250 for a pint and approx. Rs. 1000 for a pitcher

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2. The White Owl

This garage-meets-living room brewery has a warm welcoming ambience. Our favourites include: German White Beer, The caramel flavoured light Diablo, Halcyon- a wheat beer and an American Pale Ale called Torpedo. Before you know it, you will be obsessed about the cute owl mascot pasted on gimmicky jam jars.

Location: Lower Parel

Price: Approx. Rs. 245-325 for a pint

White Owl

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3. Brewbot

Julie Baggett – the american brewmaster will brew some classic craft beer specially for you right here! The must try’s include the Black Mamba (a Chocolate Oat Cream Stout), OutCider and Mojo Rising beers. Don’t forget to nibble on some peri peri chicken fries while you enjoy these chilled craft beers!

Location: Andheri (West)

Price: Approx. Rs. 250-325 for a pint & Rs 1250-1650 for pitchers


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4. The Barking Deer Brewpub

One of Mumbai’s earliest microbreweries, this Brewpub’s staples include the Belgian Wit and the IPA. More experimental styles include the Chocolate Stout and the Masala Chai Ale. For all you GoT fans, this brewery has a GoT tribute, Ale of Heroes. Watch out for the carefully selected food pairings for each craft beer before you order.

Location: Todi Mills, Lower Parel (West)

Price: Approx. Rs. 250-300 for a pint & Rs 1000-1200 for a pitcher

 Barking Deer

5. Gateway Brewing Company

Gateway Brewing Co. owners – Rahul Mehra, Krishna Nayak and Navin Mittal named their brewery after Gateway of India. They brew top-quality, classic styles of beer, crafted solely with the finest local ingredients. Their brews are available in Woodside Inn, Three Wise Men, Cafe Nemo, Irish House, Blue Frog and many more.

A must try is their German-style wheat beer, White Zen and the Summersault, an India Pale Ale, with a caramel malt base.

Location: Woodside Inn, Three Wise Men, Cafe Nemo, Irish House, Blue Frog, etc.

Price: Approx. Rs. 250 for a pint & Rs 1000 for a pitcher

Gateway Brewing Co

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Which one of these is your favourite? Got any more breweries to add to this list? Comment and let us know!

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