5 Top Craft Beers in Mumbai’s Must Visit Breweries

Just like most metro’s India, Mumbai too has attracted a vibrant culture of craft beers with multiple microbreweries cropping up every now and then. The city has several microbreweries offering a variety of beers for different kinds of palates, right from dark stouts to the classic Indian Pale Ale. For all your craft lovers, here are 5 craft beers from Mumbai’s Must Visit Breweries that won’t disappoint you.


1. Toit Weiss at Toit, Todi Mills

This is the beer that can probably define why Germans drink so much. A full bodied, refreshing Bavarian, this is probably one of the most popular wheat beer styles that came about as a result of the relaxation. What makes this beer unique is the special yeast used, which during the fermentation process, gives the beer its distinct banana and clove character. Priced at INR 325 for a pint, we bet you won’t stop at just one!

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2. Apple Cider at Doolally

A sip of this cider will transport you to a world of Himalyan apples. For the cider lover in you, unfortunately this brewery is the only one in Mumbai with such refreshing cider! Not too sweet, but just the right amount, this craft manages to retain its fizz making it the ultimate summer feast.
Priced at INR 300 for a pint, make sure to accompany it with a portion of house fries and you’ll be in for a dip surprise!

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3. Black Mamba at Brewbot

Not everyone can handle this chocolate oat cream stout. The strongest of the strongest ale, the Black Mamba at Brewbot is a tasteful treat! Kudos to the hints of dark chocolate & coffee that keep your palate wanting more. A #DidYouKnow that you need to know about this brew is that chocolate is not even used while brewing it! How cool is that! Priced at INR 300 for 500ml it’s definitely worth a try.

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4. The Spark at White Owl

This Belgian Wit with the best citrus flavors, is a stunning mix of orange, camomile and coriander. Make a note of this beer as it goes extremely well with warm evenings, which aren’t too far away. If you have been trying to find a beer that comes close to Indonesian delight ‘Bintang Radler’, it’s this- right here!

Priced at INR 375 for a pint, treat yourself to a citrus punch! Now comes the good news, the White Owl Brewery is planning to expand to eight cities this year.

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5. Monk’s Potion at Gateway Brewing Co.

Monk’s Potion, a Belgian-style dark ale is a new addition to Gateway. It’s inspired by monks in Belgium who brew beer for their sustenance! The delicious citrus mood it sets with that aroma makes it a go to this summer. This craft is a visually spectacular beer that is bursting with flavours.

We all have that one friend who is en route to find “their” ultimate craft right? This could be that craft! Priced at INR 300 for a pint, we want you take one sip for the ultimate #SummerFeels!

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Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts once you’ve tried them! We would love to hear from you :)


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