5 Best Street Food Places In Mumbai

Mumbai City is famous for its versatile street food that we Mumbaikars love eating. Be it a Sunday or a Monday, families and friends love to go to the roadside food joints to enjoy a palatable, reasonable meal. Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Chaat, Dosa and Paani Puri are some of the famous street foods in Mumbai. “Ek Pav Bhaji with extra butter dena”, “Ek garam Vada Pav aur ek cutting dena” are some of the many things you will hear on the streets of Mumbai.

Here are 5 famous street food places you should try in Mumbai:

1. Amar Juice Centre

amar juice centre best places to eat in mumbai

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Located at Vile Parle West, just next to Cooper Hospital, Amar Juice Centre or commonly known as Amar is one of the most famous joints to eat at in the suburbs of Mumbai, know for famous Masala Pav and Pav Bhaji. For just Rs. 120 you can gorge on a plate of Pav Bhaji and enjoy that ‘extra butter’ on the pav. Its strategic location close to colleges makes this place even more famous, frequented by youngsters. All the college kids love to eat here mainly because of their quantity and quality. They even have an option for home delivery in Juhu area.

2. Anand Stall

anand stall best place to eat in mumbai

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Famous for basically everything on its menu, Anand Stall , located Opposite Mithibai College, is one of the more popular food stalls in Mumbai. Popularly known just simply as the ‘Mithibai canteen’ because that’s where the Mithibai students prefer to eat every day. For just Rs. 80, you can enjoy a Cheese Sada Dosa, with coconut/garlic chutney and sambar, which makes for a perfect meal on any given day.


3. Sardar Pav Bhaji

sardar pav bhaji best place to eat in mumbai

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Talk about Pav Bhajji to any foody in Mumbai and he will tell you about Sardar Pav Bhajji. As the name suggests, it is famous for its Pav Bhajji in Mumbai. You should definitely visit Janata Nagar only for this Pav Bhajji. Priced at Rs.110(Normal) and Rs.120(Jain) this is the best you can ever eat. Enjoy this rainy season with some hot Pav Bhajji at Sardar Pav Bhajji.


4. Sarvi

sarvi kebabs best place to eat in mumbai

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Famous for their Seekh Kebabs, Sarvi is a lovely option to consider for a filling meal. It’s perpetually packed to capacity, but they yet manage to serves you the best Seekh Kebabs in just 7 minutes. Sarvi has risen from a small food joint to one of the most famous street food place to eat non-vegetarian kebabs. The soft, tender mutton, chicken Seekh Kebabs will just melt in your mouth! It is open from 7:30 am to 12:30 am all 7 days of the week.

5. Bachelorr’s

Bachelorrs best place to eat in mumbai

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Let’s talk about some deserts now? Want to go for a late night drive and eat some thanda ice-cream? Here is the place you can. Bachelorr’s ice-cream is very famous for their ice-creams and juices. Located at Marine Drive, Bachelorr’s is always packed at night. They also serve sandwiches and chaat but people go there mainly for their seasonal ice-creams.

Which place do you think you will try? Got any other suggestions for fast, yummy street food in Mumbai?

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