5 Hindi Words You Didn’t Know Existed In The Oxford Dictionary

Going by the global influence that Hindi has on the English language, Oxford Dictionary very diligently, year on year, adds Hindi/ Hindi origin words to its roster. In their 9th edition, over 240 Hindi words have been included, taking the total count to about 1,000. We should be proud that Hindi is slowly becoming a global language!

Here are 5 Hindi Words You Didn’t Know Existed In The Oxford Dictionary:

1. Arré (exclamation)
Oxford Definition: Used to express annoyance, surprise, or interest, or to attract someone’s attention.
Use in sentence: “Arré, this Kejriwal is being over-optimistic with his odd-even rule.”

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2. Churidar (noun)
Oxford Definition: Tight trousers worn by people from South Asia, typically with a kameez or kurta.
Use in sentence: “The bride looked stunning in her Churidar kurta, just look at her go!”


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3. Bhelpuri (noun)
Oxford definition: An Indian dish of puffed rice, onions, spices, and hot chutney.
Use in sentence: “Bro, I was walking down the road, checking this girl out and eating Bhelpuri.”


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4. Papad (noun)
Oxford definition: A poppadum (a large circular piece of thin, spiced bread made from ground lentils and fried in oil).
Use in sentence: “Who has hidden these papads under the bedsheet? Seems like the dal, rice and vegetables are missing.”


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5. Chamcha (noun)
Oxford definition: An obsequious person.
Use in sentence: “The boss had to kill his chamcha because he couldn’t catch Jai and Veeru alive.”

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Any other famous Hindi word that you feel deserves to be included in the Oxford Dictionary? Comment and let us know!

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