5 Viral Slang Words You Need To Know In 2016

Every year, the internet goes buzzing with a host of new words/ phrases that suddenly become popular, either because famous celebrities start using them or then they just sound cool and catchy. If 2015 was the year of ‘fleak’, ‘bro’ and ‘squad’, 2016 has some outrageous new additions. While the year is almost over, these words have just about caught on and will surely be used for the majority of 2017 too.

We’ve put together 5 viral slang words that you must add to your vocabulary if you want to be cool!

1. LIT



It refers to something that is simply effin’ amazing! Like rad, popping or really turned up, it’s an adjective that’s used when the feeling is of epic proportions. It originates from the phrase “The roof is on fire”; somehow heat being a common element in both expressions.

For example:

Me: “Did you see Coldplay perform in Mumbai?”

My Cool Friend: “Yeah Bro, it was LIT!”


Stay woke


This word is being used a LOT now! It basically means being aware of current and relevant happenings and issues. The more woke one is, the more knowledgeable and sympathetic he is towards situations and people. This word has its origin in an Erykah Badu song called “Master Teacher” and is most often used to describe a man who is a feminist.

For example:

My Cool Friend: “Bro, I tried paying my cabbie with a 1000 buck note and he didn’t take it saying it was banned!”

Me: “You haven’t heard about the currency demonetization that Modi has announced, to tackle black money!? Stay woke, dude!”





This is the most passive-aggressive curse word you’ll come across. It’s a combination of “honey” and “c*nt”. It was popularised in the drag world and was used extensively on the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race as a dangerously creative term of endearment to describe your friends.

For example:

[Walks in late into a party]

“Let’s get this party started, Hunties!”

4. V

v for very slang word



This one alphabet has the ability to replace an entire word! Yes, V is used when you are too lazy to say the word “very”. It can be used almost anytime and anywhere, no fuss. Want to know the best part? You don’t even need to vocally say it, just lift up you pointer and middle finger to make a V sign!

For example:

“I drank vvvvvvvvvvvvv much this weekend!”


“OMG, this Margarita is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv goood!”





The word Snatched is the new fleek. If something is absolutely perfect or on-point, it’s said to be Snatched!

For example:

Me to Donald Trump: “That wig looks snatched honey. Is it real or is it synthetic?”

Got any more words/ phrases to add to this list? Comment and tell us!

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