5 Outstanding Public Art Installations In NYC

The city that is known for its many museums and galleries, has got to have an abundance of art! Some of the city’s best and most thought-provoking art installations are founds in the depths of the subway, in SoHo lofts, and very often on the street. Here are five outstanding public art installations in NYC that made us stop and stare –

1. Elmgreen & Dragset – Van Gogh’s Ear

The Berlin-based art duo Elmgreen & Dragset will be installing a sideways swimming pool (with a diving board) – called “Van Gogh’s Ear,” at Rockefeller Center this April.

Elmgreen & Dragset rendering of Van Gogh's Ear 2016

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Elmgreen & Dragset, rendering of “Van Gogh’s Ear” (2016)
Photo: Courtesy of the Public Art Fund

2. Alicja Kwade – Against the Run

The installation is a 16-foot-tall take on the traditional New York City street clock. The interesting part about it is that it runs both backward and forward, while keeping the correct time. “Against the Run” will be counting the minutes from September 10, 2015 till February 14, 2016.

 Alicja Kwade - Against the Run

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3. JR –  Ballerina in Tribeca

French street artist JR installed one of his signature photographs  in Tribeca, a ballerina elegantly suspended in mid air on a 100-by-75-foot wall at 100 Franklin Street in New York City.

JR art installation in Tribeca

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4.  Tom Furin – Kolonihavehus

This house at Brooklyn Bridge is created from plexiglass. The description read : “The colorful glass house is inhabited by two performers, who portray everyday dilemmas and lifestyle paradoxes in a subtle manner.”

It’s quite an Instagram famous installation!

 Tom Furin - Kolonihavehus

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5. Hanna Liden – Everything 

The bagel – a circle with no beginning and no end – is evocative of the eternal cycle of city life. the black spray paint is a romantic tribute to the darkness and grime, which are essential and beautiful characteristics of our city.” – Hanna Liden

Everything Hinda Laden

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Love them or hate them, you certainly can’t ignore them! Right?

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