5 St+art Projects At Mahim East Art District That You Will Love

St+art India Foundation recently concluded their Mumbai 2017 Urban Art Festival. Not only did they receive an incredible response for their Sassoon Dock Art Project and their Churchgate mural of Mahatma Gandhi, they also took over Mahim East and created a spectacular Art District.

Starting from the facades that face the Western Railway, they have collaborated with the BMC to invite people to visit Mahim and Shahu Nagar.

We have listed out 5 St+art Projects At Mahim East Art District That You Will Love:

1. The Miraculous Nest By Pragyesh



2. The Women Of Dharavi By Sam And Helen


3. Shahu By Sajid Wajid


4. The Emerging Power Of Dharavi By Avinash



5. Anonymous Abstract Piece By Lokesh



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