5 Reasons Why Effingut Brewerkz Is Effin-good

Having tasted success with 3 outlets in Pune, Effingut now makes its way to Mumbai with its 4th edition and this two year-old Pune brew pub that recently opened in Colaba is located at Dhanraj Mahal, near the Gateway of India. Effingut is the perfect brew pub where great handcrafted beers meet multi-cuisine delicacies! They even have a jukebox to fulfill all your song requests which will only add to the mood of this already buzzing place.

Effingut is definitely a must visit and here we give you five reasons why:

1. The Variety Of Crafts!

Effingut Beer Options

A single sip and it will explain why this is the first point on our list! Your Effingut journey will start with a tester tray which has over 10 samplers right from Indian Pale Ale’s to Stouts, this list even covers Ciders. Make sure to try them bitter first to sweet (because that’s how it’s arranged on the tray).
With a dimly lit set up and great music, the beers that topped our list were: the Apple Cider and Peach-Ginger Mead.

Apple Cider: 8/10
Peach-Ginger Mead: 9/10

Effingut Mumbai Apple Cider Beer


2. What Hit Our Taste Buds?

While you sip on the freshly brewed chilled glass of your favorite beer, Effingut offers a large spread menu covering various cuisines. While the finger food and mains menu is exhaustive, we have our favourites.

Three Cheese Garlic Bread: 9/10

Effingut Three Cheese Garlic Bread

Thecha Chichken Tenders: 7/10

Effingut Thecha Chicken Tenders

Mustard Chilli Prawns: 7/10

Effingut Mustard Chilli Prawns

Main Course:
Peri Peri Chicken Flatbread: 8.5/10

Effingut Piri Piri Chicken Flatbread

3. Dessert With A Twist

Quite frankly, we were spoilt for choice but once we made up our minds, we decided to stick by it. The Salted Caramel Baked Cheesecake was a total winner! Plated well enough that you would not want to bite into it, but once you actually do – it’s divine. A small innovation goes a long way and in this case, it surely did! With a popcorn garnish on the cheesecake, it gave the best crunch needed. Highly recommended!

Salted Caramel Baked Cheesecake: 9/10

Effingut Salted Caramel Baked Cheesecake

4. A Perfect Blend Of Vintage Meets Classic

Effingut Decor

From vintage Hindi movie posters, to wooden artifacts and quirky coaster, Effingut has a vibe convincing enough for you to stay. Not only stay, but spend a few worthy hours for those crafts! A ceiling adorned by upside-down fedoras and a scooter suspended, makes it even more interesting.
Oh and they also have board games to play! We are all about Jenga but to each their own, make your pick.

Effingut Apple Cider Beer


5. Here’s Your Chance To Get Two Free Drinks

You heard us right! Calling all you beer enthusiasts! You can buy 2 drinks and get 2 free with Zomato gold. No better feeling than free brews after all. Oh, yes they also have a Strawberry Cider and if you’re lucky, catch the Mango Cider that’s available basis seasonality.

And just incase you don’t have Zomato gold, we are sure you can find a friend who does!

Address: Effingut, Dhanraj Mahal, next to Bentley Showroom, Colaba, Mumbai

Here is all you need to make your reservation:

So, when are you dropping by to have a Effing-good time?


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